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leptitox honest reviews

Leptitox Honest Reviews

Finally!  Gone are the days where fats were a 4-letter word.  Research has dispelled the myth that a diet rich in energy-dense butter, marbled meats, and nuts can make you, well, fat. Informed eaters are now seeking out formerly forbidden coconut oil, fatty fish, and ALL the avocados. leptitox does it work

Satiating and nourishing fats should have a presence in the diet, no matter the specific health or wellness goals at hand. Dietary fat provides energy, facilitates vitamin and mineral absorption, and is uniquely positioned to support the body when carbohydrate is limited or non-existent, like for those on a keto diet. During ketosis, the body is starved of glycogen and is forced to rely on fat, in the form of ketones, to support brain function and other physiologic processes (Gershuni, Yan, & Medici 2018).

A properly designed keto diet requires a high intake of dietary fat, a moderate intake of protein, and a very low intake of carbohydrate. But is this approach to eating reasonable? Here’s a look at what you need to know about keto and whether it can support your client’s quest for weight loss.
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