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Puppies Singapore 2541

Puppies Singapore Our Singapore puppies are reasonably priced, often times cheaper than farms or other pet shops. Contact us 90472718 about pricing and we will answer accordingly. Click here to whatsapp us. Indicative prices for local pups are 3-6k, for imported dogs are 7-10k. Sometimes there are online scams posted in local directories quoting very cheap, and they ask for upfront payment when the dog is not in Singapore yet, or the pups are seriously sick. Be careful. Many people are cheated when purchasing puppies from unscrupulous sellers. Furthermore, unlike some shops, we ensure our pups are healthy and we provide excellent support for after sales. Most importantly we pray that our pups to go into loving homes. We see it as our moral duty to ensure new dog owners are confident to take good care of our puppies from there on. Sometimes there are pups that are priced lower. But to consumer it is a choice between low price vs low cost. The low priced ones usually need higher maintenance costs (vet bills for skin problems and other illnesses). "Cutting corner" or penny pinching mentality is not encouraged when buying a puppy. This mentality leads dog owners to do substandard actions, purchases and lean the spirit towards laziness and ignorance. We have experiences and special knowledge how to cost down, do correct things. But the mentality of the buyer has to be healthy and open minded. It has to be geared towards welfare and happiness for the pup. Puppy grooming Singapore
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